Mizaç Merkezli Bireysel Psikoterapi Mümkün mü: Dokuz Tip Mizaç Modeli’ne Dayalı Bir Öneri

Uzm. Dr. Enver Demirel Yılmaz – Psikolog Özge Ünal – Uzm. Dr. Görkem Gençer

Prof. Dr. Ömer Aydemir – Prof.Dr. Ziya Selçuk

ABSTRACT: Although there are many psychotherapy approaches today, it can be stated that a psychotherapy approach that is based on the temperament concept, which constitutes the structural basis of individual differences, does not exist. Even though the models focusing on explaining the temperament and the personality draw attention to the importance of these concepts in psychotherapy, these models did not formulate an important psychotherapy approach that places these concepts in its center. In fact, temperament is a key concept, which forms the smallest psychological building stone of individuals, determines the psychopathologic predispositions and the duration of experiencing of the psychopathology by an individual. Thus, temperament concept can be a focus point for the therapeutic approaches. In this study, we proposed the basic approaches and methods of individual temperament centered psychotherapy from the perspective of Nine Types Temperament Model that centers temperament concept. This can be an awarenessbased, non-eclectic, different, holistic and systematic psychotherapy approach which can enable the balancing of behaviors, emotions and ideas of an individual. At the same time, we tried to define a general course of actions for therapists to structure what kind of a therapeutic approach they will apply, which can be considered as a starting point to form a psychotherapy model that considers the human being in a holistic way from normal to psychopathology and focuses on causality.

Makalenin tamamına erişmek için lütfen tıklayınız: http://omicsonline.com/open-access/is-individual-temperament-centered-psychotherapy-possible-a-proposal-based-on-nine-types-temperament-model-1522-4821-17-183.pdf?aid=40888

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